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Welcome to the Connected Society! by WirelessCar

Who needs banks anyway? Reshaping the financial system The financial system is broken. Regulators want change, businesses want new means of financing and consumers want alternatives. The “banks” of the future will include state-owned entities, and firms that simply don’t use cash: think bartering and

JWTIntelligence – Going Private in Public by JWTIntelligence

JWTIntelligence – 10 Trends for 2013 in 2 minutes by JWTIntelligence

Reiterating its goal of a world powered solely by renewable energy by 2050, and recognizing the need for new policy following the deadline of its 20-20-20 climate targets, the WWF has released a new report outlining ways the EU can both meet, and increase, its

COOL SPARKS Presents: One Man’s Mission to Combat Beijing Pollution by Xiao Li Tan

greenfuturist: New video: FutureTalk – Conversation on Naked Leadership (by FuturesForum) with Futurist colleagues Neil Jacobson, Anton Musgrave, Doug Vining and Gerd Leonhard. MUST WATCH:)

In 2020, will internet still be ‘the big tool’ for innovation? It will be like air or electric power ie everywhere, a standard… 5 Billion people connect. A mind-boggling force of change, and very likely, a complete new ecosystem for just about everything we do.

How It Feels [through Glass] by Google