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emergentfutures: BMW FORECASTS CARS WILL BE HIGHLY AUTOMATED BY 2020, DRIVERLESS BY 2025. Full Story: Singularity

thisistheverge: Offline: boiling it down to the essentials Paul Miller on the past few weeks offline Leaving the internet was so great… at first. It was the relief of pressure that I’d wanted for years. No more push notifications, no more calendar invites, no more

futurist-foresight: A look at what quantum computing can do.

fastcompany: What do you think of this business tactic? laughingsquid: Australian Shop Charging Customers a $5 Fee for ‘Just Looking’

In shaping its targeted advertising strategy, it is no longer relying solely on what Facebook users reveal about themselves. Instead, it is tapping into outside sources of data to learn even more about them — and to sell ads that are more finely targeted to

It is coming: a digital brain

Climate Change Is the Risk That Increases All Others

Link: Climate Change Is the Risk That Increases All Others greenpeace: “Climate change is the greatest risk we face. It’s the great exacerbater. It exacerbates the risk of pandemics. It exacerbates the risks of water. It exacerbates the risk of conflict.”

: What’s to be Done about Big Data?

Link: : What’s to be Done about Big Data? marizannek: The authors [correctly] say, “For many everyday needs, knowing what not why is good enough.” Link: Comment: I wonder how many people will be satisfied with just knowing the ‘what’? Won’t it mean less…

smarterplanet: We’re heading for a world with more smartphones than bank accounts – Quartz Bank accounts are out, smartphones are in. In 2011, some 2.5 billion people in the world were “unbanked” (pdf), as the lingo goes, according to the World Bank. By 2016, more