Offline: boiling it down to the essentials

Paul Miller on the past few weeks offline

Leaving the internet was so great… at first. It was the relief of pressure that I’d wanted for years. No more push notifications, no more calendar invites, no more reply-all’d email threads, no more retweets, friend requests, text messages, or rabbit holes. I was alone with my thoughts, I had all the time in the world to read books and frolic outdoors in the beautiful spring and summer days of 2012. I was more productive, better looking, and perhaps even taller than during the six years I spent as a professional tech writer.

Marizanne asks: Will we be seeing more of these internet vacations? Will people be able to unplug or will it be a case of “I’m starting the diet on Monday,” but by Tuesday evening I’m back on Facebook?

TFA Team


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