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smarterplanet: 3D Printer for Living Things Solve for X: Austen Heinz on democratizing creation “Mindblowing presentation about future applications of DNA laser printer. Have you ever wondered how many years will pass since we as human species become able to “freely design” living organisms. This

Global internet slows after ‘biggest attack in history’

Link: Global internet slows after ‘biggest attack in history’ infoneer-pulse: The internet around the world has been slowed down in what security experts are describing as the biggest cyber-attack in history. A row between a spam-fighting group and hosting firm has sparked retaliation attacks flooding

digg: When was the last time you used a pencil sharpener?

What we need is a new realpolitik for data privacy. We are not going to stop all this data collection, so we need to develop workable guidelines for protecting people. Those developing data-centric products also have to start thinking responsibly – and so do the

greenfuturist: Tech optimists’ crush of the decade is surely 3D printing. It has been heralded as disruptive, democratizing, and revolutionary for its non-discriminatory ability to make almost anything: dresses, guns, even houses. The process — also known as “additive manufacturing” — is still expensive and

From MIT Technology Review: About three dozen mobile-computing startup companies get funded by investors each month in the United States, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Around the world, tens of thousands more entrepreneurs are dreaming and coding and trying to invent something big. Here’s what we think

3D Printing: Secret Weapon Against Climate Change? by ClimateDesk

futuristgerd: (via What happens in an Internet minute? | SmartPlanet)

om: The Guardian does the analysis of 39 shuttered Google offerings to find out how long do they get to live. It is a great little piece by Charles Arthur.

smarterplanet: The real breakthrough of Google Glass: controlling the internet of things — GigaOM Many of the first apps for Google Glass will be about consuming and sharing content on the go. But what if Google Glass could unlock control over the world of the