Loss of ‘exclusive expert’ status: most physicians in the so-called developed world have worked very much in an exclusive, protected, regulated, closed and often nicely lucrative space which is now being opened up by technology and the resulting ‘consumer’ changes, globalization and various economic pressures. This trend is not unique to doctors, really – we are seeing the same ‘loss of monopoly position’ – challenge unfolding in media and news (most business models of the bygone print era don’t work in digital, at all), banking (the rapid loss of trust that many banks are facing, and the coming re-invention of money and the explosion of mobile and digital payment systems), travel and tourism (rampant consumer empowerment through the likes of Google Travel, Hipmunk and Tripadvisor) and politics (the global rise of digital / social-network-based activism and the immense pressures of increased transparency expectations) (via The Future of Medicine: Squeezing out the Doctor? (The Economist) Me: or… setting doctors free? – Futurist Gerd Leonhard)

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