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Guy Kawasaki once said: ‘If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing’. Seven core principles digital marketers forget | Econsultancy

Data doesn’t spring full formed from nowhere. Data is created, generated, and recorded. And the unifying principle behind all of this data is that it was all created by humans. We create the data, so essentially our data is an extension of ourselves, an extension

Home Tweet Home: A House with Its Own Voice on Twitter

As weird as a Twitter-enabled house might seem, it offers a glimpse of the future. As interest grows in the “Internet of things”—the idea of adding network connectivity to all sorts of normal objects—everything from desk lamps to ovens may soon come Internet-ready. Read more:

Hans Rosling on population growth and climate change

Link: Hans Rosling on population growth and climate change marizannek: He’s been called the Jedi master of data visualisation, dubbed a statistics guru and introduced as the man in whose hands data sings. When it comes to celebrity statisticians, Hans Rosling is firmly on the

emergentfutures: With Personal Data, Predictive Apps Stay a Step Ahead Apps that proactively help people with their lives represent a significant departure from earlier approaches to software. Full Story: Technology Review

fastcompany: It’s no secret that the world’s ocean trash problem is getting bad; looking at a handful of images from the Texas-sized Pacific garbage patch should be enough to convince anyone. As for all of our litter that doesn’t end up in the middle of the ocean?

The “recycling wars” between Coca-Cola and Greenpeace have spilt into cyberspace, with the beverage giant buying the top advertising slot for searches of the environmental group’s name. The battle for internet attention follows claims by Greenpeace that free-to-air television channels 7, 9, 10 and SBS