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What Tech Is Next for the Solar Industry?

Link: What Tech Is Next for the Solar Industry? Solar manufacturers are eager to implement several new technologies that could make solar power cheaper, and the panels easier to make.                       

Powerful Inspirational true story…Don’t give up! by Connie Lynne

smarterplanet: From climate-resistant neighbourhoods to dynamic parking pricing, our latest post looks at ten transformative ideas for creating more sustainable cities.  Check out the other eight ideas here.

Its estimated that humanity today generates more data in two days than it produced in all history, up to the year 2003. Morgan Freeman – Through the Wormhole S3E5 “Can We Resurrect the Dead?” (via infinityawaitsinfinitely)

futuristgerd: (via Is Your Private Information Safe on Social Media?)

mothernaturenetwork: World Bank: You can’t fight poverty without tackling climate changeThe international lending institution says we must shield the world’s poorest from the effects of severe weather — and one way to do that is by supporting renewables.

Look around you — How many of the things you own foster memories?” asks Heun. “How many of those memories are important to your sense of self? MIT Whiz Sets Out to Humanize the Internet of Things | Wired Design | (via futuristgerd)

nasdaq: With 3- to 5-year estimated earnings per share growth of 51%, LinkedIn tops the Forbes’ list of 25 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies. Check out the whole list here.

iDoctor Could a smartphone be the future of medicine (by LIVEnewsAlways)