ElectriCity — Ultramodern Electric Bus Service Launching In Gothenburg In 2015 | Clean Technica

Buses that are silent, energy efficient, and don’t release exhaust — sounds good, doesn’t it? Just such a bus service is now in development in the Swedish city of Gothenburg — it’s currently set to launch in 2015. The new “ultramodern” bus service will be entirely electric and powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

Interesting that this is happening in the city where I live and from the company which I used to work for more than a decade back.

The major challenge with making a system like this work is realizing we are talking about a whole system which require collaboration with cities, innovators, manufacturers and service providers. One major obstacles for these kinds of solutions is that many institutions are hesitant to, or are not capable of collaborating in a deep enough why to pull it off. It might be collaborating around technical issues that might be the challenge must most often it is the business model that have to be shared and designed between different actors that is the main challenge. Most organizations are defined around one business model and is not designed to become a small part of one more complex model.

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