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futuristgerd: Media Futurists Gerd Leonhard and Robert Tercek on protected media spaces and the perils of control (by Gerd Leonhard)

Three digital accelerators have been driving the transition from change to transformation for many years, but due to their predictable exponential rate, they have now reached an inflection point — a point where processes, products, services, and careers no longer change; rather, they transform. The

futuramb: smartercities: ElectriCity — Ultramodern Electric Bus Service Launching In Gothenburg In 2015 | Clean Technica Buses that are silent, energy efficient, and don’t release exhaust — sounds good, doesn’t it? Just such a bus service is now in development in the Swedish city of

fastcompany: Google’s Project Loon (say ‘loon balloon’ five times fast) will use solar-powered giant devices hovering 12 miles above the ground to beam Internet down to places where it’s not possible to lay cable.

futurist-foresight: An infographic look at the mobile economy (via Data point: The burgeoning mobile economy | JWT Intelligence)

futuristgerd: get the whole thing: (via A history of U.S. wiretapping: The Bill of Rights to Snowden | SmartPlanet) 

smarterplanet: The New Era of Cognitive Computing (by TEDPartners)