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kqedscience: Whole Foods Shows Customers the Bleak Future of Produce Without Bees “The decline in bee populations has been all the buzz lately, which led Whole Foods Market to team up with the Xerces Society to show us what a world—or at least, produce section—without bees would look like. The University

pewinternet: Tablet penetration is officially at 1/3 of the U.S. adult population. Smartphones: 56%. Tablets: 34%. #Mobile.

futurist-foresight: The rise of mobile payments. emergentfutures: CHART OF THE DAY: Mobile Payments Are About To Explode Full Story: Business Insider

futuristgerd: (via My slides from LSG13 in London: working, learning and living in the future – Futurist Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard)

futurist-foresight: Crowdbased medical diagnostics? I am a little bit skeptical – But am giving it a try. If it works out I may get a cane :) emergentfutures: Platform harnesses the crowds to solve rare disease cases When doctors don’t have the answer, CrowdMed relies

Email is the main cause of information overload at work today. It prevents us from being able to make good decisions and tackle important tasks according to priority. Can Activity Streams Save Us From Information Overload? | Fast Company | Business Innovation (via infoneer-pulse)

futurescope: Microsoft wins patent on wearable computing device that transmits data through the human body From BoingBoing: The US Patent and Trademark office has awarded Microsoft a patent on a wearable “electrical device” that uses your arm or finger as “transmission channel” to “transfer data

futuristgerd: The bottom line is this: I love America for a lot of very good reasons, and I have spend a good part of my life there, but this blatant obsession with snooping and surveillance under the pretense of national security must stop, and soon

fastcompany: Baratunde Thurston unplugged from his digital life for 25 days and is sharing his experience. “The greatest gift I gave myself was a restored appreciation for disengagement, silence, and emptiness. I don’t need to fill every time slot with an appointment, and I don’t