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Hands Free Whopper® by canalbk

NSA Scandal Developments by Colbert Report

Once the NSA’s ubiquitous surveillance of all Americans is complete — once it has the ability to collect and process all of our emails, phone calls, text messages, Facebook posts, location data, physical mail, financial transactions, and who knows what else — why limit its

futurist-foresight: Looking at the car of the not too distant future. (via Car Tech Countdown to 2018 [Infographic])

mothernaturenetwork: Meet ATLAS: The walking, jumping robot that could one day save your lifeDARPA unveiled the experimental disaster-relief robot this week as part of its ongoing Robotics Challenge.

What Comes After Google Glass? | MIT Technology Review

Link: What Comes After Google Glass? | MIT Technology Review As Google Glass gains momentum, companies and researchers are trying to decide what will be the next big breakthrough in wearable technology.                     

Car-Sharing Services Take Paris by Storm – @Businessweek

Link: Car-Sharing Services Take Paris by Storm – @Businessweek destx: Walk down one of the narrow streets of Paris and there’s a good chance you’ll stumble upon one of the world’s most sophisticated car-sharing networks. The Autolib electric car system—marked by the tiny, boxy electric

Greenwald: Snowden Has NSA Blueprint by AssociatedPress

It seems clearly within the domain of reason to believe that the extent of secret surveillance, both within the United States and globally, is posing a dangerous threat to democracy and the rights and security of individuals, and in this sense, Snowden is an authentic