Imagine a scenario where a significant chunk of the soon-to-be four billion internet users start to question the default Faustian bargain of “my private data in return for your connectivity, your cool platforms and amazing technologies”. This could spell the end for any meaningful and standardised tracking methodologies, with users no longer eagerly broadcasting their locations and MAC addresses on their mobile devices, as well as the likely rejection of NFC/RFID technologies or any kind of digital money, no matter how enticing an eager purveyor would make it. Imagine brands wanting to advertise to billions of upwardly-mobile and ready-to-buy users (aka consumers) but not having permission to know enough about who they really are, what they think and how to reach them efficiently. Imagine brands and advertisers being locked out of reaching consumers because they don’t trust the media they may employ to reach us; and by extension they mistrust them. Imagine consumers wanting to be “off the grid” and off-the-radar because being on the grid is like walking naked down Madison Avenue. You don’t think this will happen? One fifth of the world’s desktop internet users apparently already use ad-blocking software with their browsers. Mozilla wants to make “do not track” the default setting in Firefox, and many savvy users are now considering even more dramatic action to cloak themselves and escape from the global data hoovering and hyper-marketing that seems to have become a default mindset in many countries. Jeff Jarvis is correct when he says that we need Big Tech to defend us against Big Brother; but what if Big Brother is married to Big Tech…”

Read more at The Guardian (via My guest post at The Guardian: Why advertisers should back a global Digital Bill of Rights – Futurist, Author & Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard)

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