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Highlights of Gerd Leonhard’s futurist keynote ITU Telecom World 2013 (by ITU)  (the Future of the Internet) see

(via Here is our best approximation of where the world’s tax havens are – Quartz)

meetingofthemindsv: The Future of Crowdsourcing: Meeting of the Minds #7 (Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard) (by Gerd Leonhard)

meetingofthemindsv: The Future of Entrepreneurship: Meeting of the Minds #4: Ross Dawson & Gerd Leonhard (Futurists) (by Gerd Leonhard)

futuristgerd: “It’s not a question of whether technology can do it — it can,” said Gerd Leonhard, a Swiss author and futurist. “Now the question is what is our ethics?” It becomes a question of what should or should not be allowed and, eventually, of

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos – Keynote Address | 2013 Film Independent Forum by Film Independent

Meeting of the Minds #5: Gerd Leonhard on important future trends (by Gerd Leonhard)