“It’s not a question of whether technology can do it — it can,” said Gerd Leonhard, a Swiss author and futurist. “Now the question is what is our ethics?” It becomes a question of what should or should not be allowed and, eventually, of what is human. Technology will progress to the point where artificial intelligence will eclipse that of its makers. Mr. Leonhard believes this will have enormous impacts on society, and on death. “When you can use social media to such an extent that you can become a super human, and continue a virtual life after you cease to exists, that is not a desirable direction. It’s an aberration,” he said. Mr. Leonhard wonders what will become of a society that never has to learn to say goodbye — where nothing is ever forgotten and nobody ever really disappears. “The next five years are going to bring a lot of possibility, and questions about ethics,” Mr. Leonhard said. “People are not yet arguing whether or not it’s ethical to tweet after I die.” (via How We Die Now: People will be forced to consider their posthumous digital reputations | National Post)

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