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The tech debate blasts off (a lankiest) towards a leisure society

Link: The tech debate blasts off (a lankiest) Towards a leisure society theleisuresociety: It took almost a year for me to be taken seriously on the “technology is undermining capital” front, so it was extremely exciting to see the debate blast off in serious economic

Automation, not domination

Business experts Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson argue that this human displacement will require education reform to better prepare people for the future job market. Automation, not domination: How robots will take over our world | Robohub

Meeting of the Minds #8

meetingofthemindsv: (via New video: sustainability trends and future scenarios; discussion with fellow futurist Ross Dawson (meeting of the minds #8) – Futurist, Author & Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard)

The Fully Mobile Mindset

According to Guardian contributor Gerd Leonhard, 80% of all global web traffic will come from mobile devices in less than five years, it has never been more important for enterprises to embrace and optimize the mobile channel. Consumers are already adopting a “fully mobile mindset”