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Being Human in a Digital Society

Being Human in a Digital Society: This is the ENGLISH language version of my talk at Future Day in Istanbul, see for details. You can download the slides etc at

Why Playful Learning Is The Key To Prosperity

“In order for our global society to develop solutions to pressing problems in an increasingly technology-driven and constantly changing world, we need to re-train our workforce to do what machines can’t: to be enterprising, independent and strategic thinkers—to be purposeful creators.” 

Pay with Your Fingerprint

Link: Pay with Your Fingerprint Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone that can use a fingerprint to authorize payments in stores and online. Why Amazon will dominate global retail

Link: Why Amazon will dominate global retail’s domination of book sales has disrupted and destabilised that industry. As “The Everything Store” moves into new sectors – delivering groceries, commissioning TV drama, computer games – can it repeat the trick?