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Platform Enables Passers-By To Tip Buskers With Bitcoin

springwise: Platform enables passers-by to tip buskers with Bitcoin The rise of digital piracy — and to some extent, streaming services such as Spotify — has hit the music industry extremely hard. We’ve already seen efforts to help fight back with innovative payment systems to reward

The Future of Computer Intelligence Is Everything but Artificial

Link: The Future of Computer Intelligence Is Everything but Artificial Nick Stockton, Computers are already smart, just in their own ways. They catalogue the breadth of human knowledge, find meaning in mushroom clouds of data, and fly spacecraft to other worlds. And they’re getting

Underground fridge goes back to basics to save money and the environment

springwise: Underground fridge goes back to basics to save money and the environment With all of the smart, connected Internet of Things devices we’ve seen recently, it’s refreshing to see entrepreneurs still drawing inspiration from the simplest and most effective ideas from the past. The

36% of 18-24s say they use smartphones

across all 10 countries surveyed by YouGov on behalf of the Reuters Institute, 36% of 18-24s say they use smartphones as their primary access for news. More digital disruption ahead for mainstream news groups, says survey (via gerdfeed)

Futureproofing pharma

Link: Futureproofing pharma wolffolinsblog: The disintermediation of healthcare could mean we begin to use comparison sites to manage our health in the same way we manage our holidays. Pharma companies must consider this future now to develop their brands. By Charlie Stott When Bluetooth was

10 New Innovations That Could Change the World

The Rift is designed to make users feel as though they are actually inside the world of the game by following your movements in real time. While video games are the target market for the Rift, the technology also has implications for architecture design, emergency

Buy Nothing New for a Year

thisbigcity: There’s too much trash in our cities. In our new post we explore a radical idea that could massively reduce this: buying absolutely nothing new or second hand for an entire year. Could you do this?

How to make solar cheaper than fossil fuels

emergentfutures: Scientists solve solar energy’s burning question: how to make it cheaper than fossil fuels In a fight between solar and fossil fuels, the latter has always had a killer question up its sleeve: “What about supercritical steam?” That’s the method by which the most advanced power stations

“Paradigm Shift” Reported In Making Biofuel From Plants

txchnologist: by Michael Keller The possibility of using nonfood plants to cheaply and sustainably fuel our vehicles may have just veered into the fast lane. Scientists report they have successfully genetically engineered bacteria to convert complex carbohydrates in tough grasses directly into ethanol, a type