10 useful futurist terms and memes: Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s favourite neologisms

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10 Futurist terms and memes that everyone should know about

PDF download 3MB:  Gerd’s 10 useful futurist terms and memes

I recently ran across George Dvorsky’s nice post on io9.com entitled ’20 Crucial Terms Every 21st Century Futurist Should Know’. Last week I figured I should share my own list of terms and memes that I either created myself or borrowed, derived or remixed from others, as well. Certified authorship of these memes is probably less important, btw, and is often hard to define (see  the good old ‘data is the new oil’ theme). Therefore, I shall take no credit for having invented those that are not clearly mine.

For some of them, I am using a Twitter hashtag so that you can easily find my related posts. In addition, you can also peruse my shared reading updates on GerdFeed.com to read more on most of these issues, or discover new terms that I am developing.

1) Workupation

A plethora of recent research predicts that many repetitive or highly standardisable jobs such as bookkeeping, checkout clerks at retail locations or simple financial analysis will soon be ‘automated away’, i.e. these tasks will increasingly be handled by intelligent software and robots, smart machines and so-called intelligent digital assistants (which will far surpass what Apple’s Siri or MSFT’s Cortana can already do today)….Read More

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