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The Internet’s Original Sin: Advertising

It’s not too late to ditch the ad-based business model and build a better web… The fiasco I want to talk about is the World Wide Web, specifically, the advertising-supported, “free as in beer” constellation of social networks, services, and content that represents so much

Digital Transformation – Inside and Out

For years it’s been predicted that technology is going to transform us from the inside out – wearables, digestibles, implants…we have the power to monitor and improve ourselves in almost every way possible. “Getting the technology right is critically important, but as with most Digital

When Will You Touch The Internet of Things?

  For the average even quite technically advanced user, submersion into the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) is generally still quite limited at this time… from Forbes via Pocket

Meet the “killer apps” for supercharged mobile engagement

At the 2013 Guardian Activate conference, futurist Gerd Leonhard predicted that 80% of global web traffic would be from always connected mobile devices by 2018, while Benedict Evans separately predicted zero growth from PC sales globally during the same period. In terms of consumer adoption,

Viral videos: the future of fundraising?

Viral videos may not be the future of fundraising, but for now they are definitely the popular route for raising awareness. How do you think viral videos could enhance the future of crowdfunding? Read more on Financial Post

Wifi in the Woods

The opportunity to fully disconnect is at risk in an ever-more-connected world. We had only been out of Internet range for a few hours, and already DJ Spooky was getting twitchy… Read more from The Atlantic via Pocket

The Most Significant Futurists of the Past 50 Years

Our visions of the future tend to be forged in the pages of science fiction. But for the past half-century, a number of prominent thinkers, activists, and scientists have made significant contributions to our understanding of what the future could look like. Here are 10