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The 7th edition of FINCO’s Congress is coming and you should be there

FINCO 2014 is coming October 27-28th 2014. The 7th edition of FINCO’s Congress will approach themes like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Mobility and the Sharing Economy. FINCO is a unique space where the areas of Information Systems of Sonae’s companies present and

More millennials read a book last year than older Americans

One caveat to the study is that young people, particularly between 16 and 22, and more likely to be in school; so all this book-reading may not be entirely voluntary. Indeed, while young people were more likely to take advantage of a library in the past year

These Companies are the Future of 3D Printing

According a recent report from Gartner, 3D printing is evolving rapidly, although many technologies are still five to ten years away from mainstream adoption. Consumer adoption will be outpaced by business and medical applications that have more compelling use cases in the short term…And then

Big Data Changes How We Get Well

A recent McKinsey & Company report traced the expansion of computer-based information systems, and the electronic medical records they create, in both the physician’s office and the hospital. More than 50% of doctor’s offices now handle patient records electronically. Nearly 75% of hospitals do so

Co-ops are the future of the American economy

Worker ownership and management aren’t cure-alls for America’s cancerous concentrations of wealth and political power. But they are viable ways to organize our economy so that those who do the work receive an increasing share, if not the full product, of their labor. This is

The Future of Travel Has Arrived: Hotel VR

Obviously, only companies with deep pockets can afford to create installations like the Teleporter; it took three months to create a 90-second experience, making it one of the most labor-intensive entertainment experiences out there. But for Marriott, the expense—which no one would disclose—is well worth

Disruptive Change Means Our Wildest Dreams Are Within Reach

The only option we have to surf atop the tsunami, rather than be crushed by it, is constant and continuous education and emersion in these exponential technologies to understand what you can use to reinvent yourself and your business every year…While some see this increasing