Chart: Which countries are decarbonizing the fastest?

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Carbon intensity has to fall 6.2% each year to halt global warming. It’s falling 0.9%…Note that Australia has made the biggest decarbonization gains in recent years, with its carbon intensity declining 4.6 percent since 2008, thanks in part to a big drop in electricity use and a boost in hydropower. (During part of this period, Australia had both a carbon tax and a mandate to promote renewable energy — but the country has since repealed both policies.)

Given that we have the data to understand what’s happening with global warming, and what its effects will be if we continue behaving the way we do, why are some countries choosing to ignore possible solutions? When will there be a rise in Chief Sustainability Officer positions? When will Corporate Social Responsibility become popular, and rise up into government systems on a global level? Will it take a global meltdown for us to take some real action? Let us know what you think.

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