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Singularity or Transhumanism: How do we describe the future?

Even though the words singularity, cyborg, and life extension generate far more hits on Google than transhumanism, they just don’t feel right describing an ideal and accurate vision of the future. Few people are willing to call themselves a Singularitarian—someone who advocates for a technological

Reblog: The Future Of Media

VC Fred Wilson wrote a blog on the future of media 9 years ago and it’s still quite relevant. Here is the future of media: 1 – Microchunk it – Reduce the content to its simplest form. Thanks Umair. 2 – Free it – Put it out there without walls

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Work

1) The millennial workforce, which is expected to comprise 50% of the workforce by 2020 and growing to 75% of the workforce by 2025. This is a generation of digital natives with new values, ideas, and expectations about work. 2) Mobility, which allows us to

Your data is for sale — not just on Facebook

Square may be a payments processing company first, but it is rapidly amassing huge amounts of data, which is in itself a valuable commodity…The rules regarding what can be done with this information are in their infancy. For now, we depend largely on what the

Ethical robot cars: a terrible idea?

Imagine that manufacturers created preference settings that allow us to save hybrid cars over gas-guzzling trucks, or insured cars over uninsured ones, or helmeted motorcyclists over unhelmeted ones. Or more troubling, ethics settings that allow us to save children over the elderly, or men over women,

Attempts to stop catastrophic climate change are futile, says UN report

Anti-emissions policies adopted by world governments are decreasing the amount of harmful gas emitted in some countries, but the report warns it’s not enough when developing nations produce more gases than limited political controls can remove. Emissions in most Western countries are falling as economies

Inside the YouTube Hit Factory

The rapid consolidation of YouTube programming has thrown the small players into a frenzy of excitement and apprehension. They’re concerned that the big companies will squash the community’s creative autonomy and turn its artists into creative serfs. The great hope, on the other hand, is

Apple & Google Are Jumping Into Healthcare: Should Amazon Join the Game?

Like other major retailers, Amazon might be lured to health care by the promise of new Obamacare customers and the industry’s existing, often dysfunctional markets. For instance, Walgreen took the unusual step of launching accountable care organizations — centered around three of their pharmacies —

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Virtual Reality – The Verge

Imagine 10 years ago trying to envision the way we use cellphones today. It’s impossible. That’s the promise VR has today. VR at its best shouldn’t replace real life, just modify it, giving us access to so much just out of reach physically, economically. If

Ross Dawson’s 10 Major Trends for Micro to Mid-Sized Business

This article by Ross Dawson covers ten of the major trends for micro and mid-sized business. These trends include: Lightning Gratification Speed is the name of the game. As the world has accelerated over the last years and decades, people’s patience has eroded to the