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At a time of dramatic industry transformation and transition, the future shape of the ICT sector and of our society often seems more confusing and ambiguous than ever. The exclusive Leadership Summit at ITU Telecom World 2014 is an exciting opportunity to unravel some of these complexities of the future, and discover a way forward.

The Futures Agency CEO Gerd Leonhard will be curating this important event in Doha, joined by esteemed TFA members and futurist speakers Simon Torrance, Yuri van Geest, and Rohit Talwar. Along with the amazing Jeremy Rifkin, Rolf Pfeifer, Rita McGrath, and Hans Rosling, this is sure to be a hard-hitting programme. For a more detailed agenda of the entire event, check out this post from

Stay tuned for more on what they discussed after the summit on December 7th.

Gerd Leonhard


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