Precrime: A.I. can predict data theft by scanning email

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The system seems a bit like a tool from the science fiction movie “Minority Report,” designed to intercept would-be criminals before a crime takes place, but it’s built on established human expertise. The Virtual Data Scientist trains itself by studying and emulating the techniques of professional auditors. It can then bring those techniques to bear by scanning massive volumes of email. UBIC says it’s more efficient than traditional manual keyword searches and that even subtle indications of fraud can be detected. The Japan Patent Office recently decided to issue UBIC a patent for “predictive coding” that identifies behavior that could lead to future misconduct.

How does predicting data theft stop it from happening? If people can’t be arrested before they commit crimes, is it legal to “watch” people who may or may not commit a crime? If not, how useful is this technology?

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Gerd Leonhard


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