Storytelling tours merge fitness with literature

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Spinning Stories” is a storytelling bicycle tour sponsored by Recovery Bike Shop and Re-Cycle in Minneapolis. Tours are  10- to 15-miles long and bikers travel to different locations to hear stories where they happened in books. The storytelling bike tour is an interesting mix of trends as it touches on the offline-is-the-new-luxury trend as well as the increasing interactivity of the storytelling industry. Things like ghost tours and history tours have been around for a while, but this activity promotes physical and mental health in a new way. Physically it’s much more challenging than walking around a monument or small part of town. Mentally it’s a great way to exercise your imagination, learn about literature, and communicate with a group of others. For a multitasking Millennial like me this is awesome. Any experience that combines education, entertainment and exercise all in one is very worth my time.

I’m excited to see what’s next as storytelling becomes more and more about the interactive experience.

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