The ‘Bi-literate’ Brain is Key to Reading All the Screens

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She says we have to develop a ‘bi-literate’ brain if we want to be able to switch from the scattered skimming typical of screen reading to the deeper, slow reading that we associate with books on paper. It is possible. It just takes work. One person who has done it well is Maria Popova, founder of

Skimming is almost essential to working in any business that involves social media. Blogging, reblogging, retweeting, posting, sharing, etc. We do this constantly throughout the day, adding to the millions of other shared posts online. And then we skim and share and repeat. Who has time to truly read and absorb multiple long blogs everyday? There is so much out there, it’s simply impossible to give our full attention to every worthy thing on the internet. How do we determine what’s the most important information we need to consume? What deserves our full, in-depth attention?

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Gerd Leonhard


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