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In case you missed it, check out Frank Diana’s interview with Gerd Leonhard. Here they discuss disruptive technologies and their impact across all industries.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

Frank: So, clearly you are a believer that ownership models give way to access models. There is that debate that says the economic pressures of our last 5 or 6 years have created the sharing economy, but it will unwind itself when the economy improves. I don’t personally believe that.

Gerd: I don’t think it is going to be either or. The sharing economy is difficult right now, there are a lot of issues with doing so, but in 20 years, we will have overcome all the practical issues, like why we need our own car. It is fun to have our car, so some of us are likely to still have them, because we are human. I think in general this concept of extreme capitalism, which means profit and growth at any cost, is very suicidal. It’s been said for 10 years. Ban ki Moon said 8 years ago, that we are living in a suicide economy. It’s not new, it’s just that we are finally discovering that there is money in another way called the “Triple P” approach (people, profit, and planet) which Jeremy Rifkin speaks of as well. It has become sort of a theme or a mantra to look at business or the economy as a biosphere. You can be a major player in the biosphere, but you can’t own the biosphere. That’s where everything is going. You can see already, the entire world is becoming inter-dependent. Terrorism for example is a huge inter-dependent issue that cannot be solved by having more soldiers, or having more data surveillance. This is a very inter-connected issue. So the economic paradigm will be in my view much more like an ecosystem. But we should not look at that to naively in the sense of saying that it will be like an egalitarian nirvana or something, I don’t think we will have that. But the suicidal approach of increasing consumption at any cost, and passing that on to the developing countries, that is collapsing.

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