At Last: A Social Network for Those Who Want to Put Their DNA Online?

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Members of openSNP upload their genes along with things like their sex, age, eye color, location, Fitbit data and medical history — for anyone to see and analyze. The record lives on forever…But for Clark, the possibilities outweigh the risks: She wants scientists to have access to the genetic information of more people throughout the world. “The more people, the easier it will be for citizen scientists to work with the data and make new discoveries. If I want other people to do this and help science, I should set the tone,” said Clark, 25. “The benefit will be infinite as it picks up pace…”

For those with rare or undiagnosed diseases, this may be the best news ever. Likewise, for those with specific questions about their health, this site will prove to be quite helpful. At the moment I’m fortunate enough to not have any serious illness to contend with, so I’m wondering what the benefit would be for me to add my information to their data pool.

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