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Get your loved ones off Facebook

Behold a long list of the ways Facebook is taking advantage of you.  Here are just a few: They have and continue to create false endorsements for products from you to your friends – and they never reveal this to you. When you see a

Health-Minded Global Consumers Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

A willingness to pay a premium for health benefits is higher in developing markets than elsewhere. More than nine-in-10 respondents in Latin America (94%), Asia-Pacific (93%) and Africa/Middle East (92%) say they’re willing to pay more for foods with health attributes to some degree, compared

Antiwork: a radical shift in how we view “jobs”

Work will doubtless always be necessary, but hopefully reduced to a minimum. Bertrand Russell wrote that “the road to happiness and prosperity lies in an organised diminution of work”. But this seems unlikely to happen while work is framed as the virtuous side of a

Now there’s a way to diagnose HIV with a smartphone – Quartz

Here’s how it works: The “dongle” device takes a prick of blood and tests it to see whether there are a higher-than-normal number of the antibodies that fight HIV and syphilis in the blood. That immune system reaction indicates that the patient is positive, explains Wan Laksanasopin, a biomedical

How Can You Plan in a Future of Uncertainty?

Essentially it seems the best way to plan for uncertainty is to keep it simple, use technology to your advantage, tell people what you are doing and ask for help when you need it. As Amanda Palmer says, “we’re allowed to f***ing help each other.”

The Blackphone Project

How often have you given away your private information? All the time, right? Over the phone with the insurance company, online with your cell provider, etc. Blackphone is one possible solution if you’re looking to control who gets access to your personal data. Read more