Silicon Valley is out to change how we live

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We are witnessing nothing less than a societal transformation that ultimately nobody will be able to avoid. It is the kind of sea change that can only be compared with 19th century industrialization, but it is happening much faster this time. Just as the change from hand work to mass production dramatically changed our society over 100 years ago, the digital revolution isn’t just altering specific sectors of the economy, it is changing the way we think and live…This time, though, the transformation is different. This time, it is being driven by just a few hundred people.

This article goes on to define these few hundred people as the “powerful elite”. I dislike this comparison as “elite” generally yields a negative connotation. Change has to come from somewhere – big ideas start with one little person. Why do we worry that monopolies will take over the world just because big changes are starting with a small population?

I, for one, am grateful for innovation and I recognize that it starts with the few. Besides, I think we’re overlooking one important fact – change only spreads when the masses adopt it. This gives us consumers the power. Especially in this day and age, it’s less and less that we’re adopting new technologies because they’re the only option and more and more that we’re choosing the best product out of a vast sea of options. Maybe we should stop resenting the “powerful elite” for shaping our future and start using our money and our voices to decide our own fate.

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Gerd Leonhard


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