Google Cabs And Uber Bots in the app-based economy

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…As he describes it, working “below the API” is a dead end. Uber drivers, Amazon Mechanical Turk workers, 99design contestants, TaskRabbit taskers and HomeJoy cleaners are all targets for further automation. Software is the business of building models of systems that can be executed, optimized and combined with other models.

Still, the app-driven labor market is definitely changing the way we see jobs. While some critics say stint jobs like this will never last (as they don’t provide the “steady” benefits a corporate job provides), I myself am a contract worker and I fully enjoy the flexibility and freedom my work provides. I have to set money aside to pay taxes, and I pay my own health insurance, but it’s totally worth my flexible schedule and ability to work from home. Plus, I get to work on projects I actually enjoy because I pick them myself.

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Gerd Leonhard


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