In 2015 there will be an emphasis on futurism in Africa

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Among other interesting trends to watch in Africa this year, futurism will make its way on the list. Mix that with the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) astronomy project, droneports, augmented reality and other tech programs and I’d say things are about to get really interesting in Africa.

The year 2015 will see a move towards futurism among African intellectuals, with avant-garde artists and writers anticipating Africa’s forthcoming acceleration in their works. Concepts will include new technologies, the loss of wildlife species, the creation of cities and the longer view of transhumanism and interstellar travel. Wider discussions about technology will take place. A good example is South African film director Neill Blomkamp and his latest blockbuster, Chappie, set in Johannesburg: “Humanity’s last hope is not human.”

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Gerd Leonhard


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