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A Review of the 13th Innovation Africa Digital Summit in Zimbabwe

Dr Madan Rao, Conference Chair at IADS 2015 wrote a review of the 13th Innovation Africa Digital Summit in Zimbabwe and you should read it! Over 350 delegates from 40 countries attended the three-day event at a venue near the stunning Victoria Falls, one of

The Future of Work: An EIU study

Automated, creative and dispersed: The future of work in the 21st century is a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), commissioned by Ricoh Europe. The report seeks to identify the key trends that will influence the nature of work and working life over the

The Fuzzy Math That Creates Unicorns – via Bloomberg

The numbers are sort of made-up. For the most mature startups, investors agree to grant higher valuations, which help the companies with recruitment and building credibility, in exchange for guarantees that they’ll get their money back first if the company goes public or sells. They can also

Listen: The Pros and Cons of Healthcare Co-ops

Health care cooperatives are insurance companies owned by ordinary patients who buy in. They make people happy because they give control to the user, but are they actually more effective than other health care plans? Listen to the full podcast here

Fei-Fei Li: We need to teach machines to see

And by “see” Li means to understand context, not just content. Among other things, she wants robots to not only relay what they see, but to tell stories about it. Creative stories. Maybe creative jobs aren’t as safe from the robot uprising as we all

How Automation Will Change Marketers

Most marketers won’t be able to handle this shift toward digital, analytics, and automation by themselves. Therefore, they must develop a highly capable services ecosystem to help them address all these issues… Read more from Wall Street Journal via Pocket

‘Mobile is now the first [TV] screen’

Scherer added that the TV industry is realising that data will play a crucial role in helping it to increase the size of its audience; to have a stronger relationship with those viewers; to improve its shows; and to forge better partnerships with big brands

What are these “unicorn” companies you speak of?

For those of you not yet exposed to the relatively new term “unicorn company,” here are a few notes to help cover the basics: 1) Apparently some people use the term in a derogatory manner. e.g. DevOps Dictionary defines a Unicorn Company as “a company