Lyft’s Leaders Show Us The Future of Business

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I was sorting through articles about unicorn companies the other day and I came across this podcast interview with Lyft CEO Logan Green on Stitcher. By the end of it I had deleted my Uber account, downloaded the Lyft app, and texted my friend about becoming a Lyft driver.

Why? Because given the choice between the two ride-sharing companies, I prefer to invest in the company with the best leaders with the biggest dreams. Logan Green fits this description. He’s smart and efficient without lowering his values for bullies. To understand that bully anecdote, you’ll have to listen to the podcast. Listened to it? Great. So we can agree that he’s confident in his kindness and that translates into how Lyft runs.

Lyft drivers are not in an office experiencing a company culture on a 9-5 basis, and yet they are still happier than Uber drivers. How do Logan and the Lyft team create such a strong company culture that drivers and riders want to support? For one thing, they have a strong mission statement that supports causes bigger than themselves. They’re transparent about their safety policies, employment methods and pricing. They make it easy to get answers when you have questions. And they encourage their drivers to accept tips, which is a big benefit over using Uber, who does not encourage tips. The very nature of being a Lyft driver is probably also attractive because it’s closer to what future jobs will look like. It’s a network of independent business owners working wherever they want, whenever they want.

Even more appealing, in my opinion, is that Lyft is forward-thinking. Logan and his team are actively thinking about future solutions for our future societal problems. They get that driving is going to look very different relatively soon, as are cities, and they are brainstorming other possible applications of “delivery” that may not necessarily include human transportation.

I’m excited to watch smart, kind, transparent leaders like Logan Green take the reins and march us off into a future that works for everyone.


Gerd Leonhard


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