Is a ‘Jobless Future’ Possible?

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The way Hod Lipson describes his Creative Machines Lab captures his ambitions: “We are interested in robots that create and are creative.”…

So, is a ‘jobless future’ what technology has in store for humanity? The short answer of this article is: nobody knows. A jobless future has been contemplated long before now, as this article reminds us, “worries that rapidly advancing technologies will destroy jobs date back at least to the early 19th century, during the Industrial Revolution in England.” Now, it seems, the scenario is more likely due to the capabilities of our advancing technology. And we have the internet to spread these ideas like wildfire amongst the masses. Still, many economists report that they see no evidence indicating a jobless future, and in the end, nobody really knows what will happen. We create our future, sure, but with so many disruptions happening all at once, it’s hard to see where the dust will settle.

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Gerd Leonhard


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