Survive the Robot Apocalypse in 5 Steps

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It’s our fear of others that encourages war, or the withholding of life saving technologies from those who need them, simply because they’re uninsured. It’s our fear of others that creates a national budget where 60% of resources are dedicated to the military industrial complex, and a mere 2% is invested in science and technology.

It’s nice to see “read more utopian perspectives of the future” and “get to know oneself” made the list. You hear about the importance of coding, and I’m all for being able to communicate with machines, but it truly is our innately human skills that will help distinguish us from A.I. Thought and intuition will really determine how we shape our future – which robots we decide to build in the first place.

It’s so true what Nicole says about how the input you receive dictates your output. It makes sense, then, that we should take in more positive perspectives on the future in order to know how to create them IRL.

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Gerd Leonhard


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