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Great overview in 5 Pictures and 500 Words by Heather E. McGowan on the accelerated pace of change of everything around us: from computing to human intelligence, more consumers than producers, robotic,  business and disruption acceleration, and an increasing technology accelerated development. Everything is happening faster and this is just the beginning.

Technology: Adoption is Faster

The real driving force behind all this change is not only the rapid amelioration of technology but also the swift and widespread adoption of it. Historically the acceptance of new technology took multiple decades. The mobile smart phone, at 75% adoption in the U.S. today[iv], is the key technological innovation that sparked the expansion of social media. Social media led to the co-creation of content, and then the collaborative economy led to the co-creation of companies. We are now moving from the linear to exponential with technological advancements from artificial intelligence to unmanned aerial vehicles to fully autonomous transportation that will transform our lives and recreate our contextual references. We have begun to adapt by relinquishing our need to retain any content we can access—phone numbers, maps, dates, facts, figures, etc. Soon, we will relinquish other forms of control.

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