What is the Servitude Bubble?

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I’m going to call it a Servitude Bubble. For the simple reason that it is largely based on creating armies of servants. You can call them whatever buzzwords you like — “tech-enabled always-on super-hustling freelance personal brand capitalists”. But the truth is simpler. The stuff of the Servitude Bubble makes a small number of people something like neofeudal masters, lords with a corncucopia of on-demand just-in-time luxury services at their fingertips. But only by making a very large number of people glorified neo-servants…butlers, maids, chauffeurs, waiters, etcetera.

In this short essay Umair Haque posits that this so-called “share” economy is creating the lowliest of jobs, impoverishing human potential. Be that as it may, there are always some people that truly enjoy those jobs, there are always people that cling to those jobs in this increasingly digital and automated environment, and there are always creative jobs available (or to be created) if people truly want them. Therefore, I don’t think we are victims of a servitude bubble – I think we are products of a job mindset that doesn’t work anymore. And it’s completely within our power to change our minds and burst the bubble.

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