All too human: in pop culture’s robot revolution, familiarity breeds revulsion

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Kevin Lincoln muses along in The Guardian on how movies like Ex Machina and AMC’s Humans television show both focus on artificial life – with a human face – and horrify us with the thing that scares us the most: ourselves.

This year, there has been a major movie, Ex Machina, and television show, Humans, that both deal with incredibly humanlike machines, what you might call “robots”, housing artificial intelligence. And another show, while it might not deal with humanlike machines, has the same interests in mind, starting with its title: Mr Robot. What all three seem to be illustrating is that the closer we get to a perfectly human robot, the smaller the Uncanny Valley becomes. Put another way, the more inured we grow to technology in our lives, the less disgusted we are by its tendency to replace us.

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