A New Relationship of Man and Machine (video)

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A couple of weeks ago, our CEO Gerd Leonhard did a presentation at the London Business School Global Leadership Summit on the new relationship of man and machine. The presentation was part of a session with Rohit Talwar, CEO of Fast Future Research and Gray Scott, Founder and CEO of Serious Wonder. You can view the presentations and panel session here.

What if you could see into the future? 
What if the game changes? What if the future was simulated?
What if robots replaced the world’s workforce? 
Insights on a rapidly changing world…

Here below, you can view the presentation from Gerd on this topic: What if robots replaced the world’s workforce? Redefining the relationship between man and machine.

Enjoy this really great talk.

The slides of this talk can be viewed on Gerd’s blog at https://gerd.fm/1HjlWg2

Posted by Rudy de Waele aka @mtrends / shift2020.com.

Rudy de Waele


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