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We are data: the future of machine intelligence

“To be (data) or not to be (data)”, that’s the question we all ponder about facing an increasingly faster and data intense future. ‘The internet is going to do to us whatever it is going to do — and it’s far too late to stop it’

AI, robotics, and the future of jobs (new Pew report)

Here is an excellent report from Pew Research Center on the influence of AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs. “The vast majority of respondents to the 2014 Future of the Internet canvassing anticipate that robotics and artificial intelligence will permeate wide segments of daily life

Self-Driving Cars and Ethical Decisions

Researchers are trying to program self-driving cars to make split-second decisions that raise real ethical questions. Chris Gerdes, a professor at Stanford University, leads a research lab that is experimenting with sophisticated hardware and software for automated driving. But together with Patrick Lin, a professor

In the war of 2050, the robots call the shots

In April, thought leaders from the Defense Department, the U.S. Army Research Lab, the Institute for Defense Analysis, and national security thinkers across academia met for a two-week workshop on the next three and a half decades of war. The report they recently produced reads

Roboter sind die besseren Chefs (guest post by Tim Cole – in German)

Bei Robotern denken die meisten Menschen wahlweise an riesige Maschinen mit Greifarmen, die in Autofabriken in Reih und Glied stehen und dort Schwerstarbeit verrichten, oder an kleine Haushaltsroboter wie elektronische Staubsauger oder Sonys niedlicher Aibo, der wie ein Hündchen aussah und auf Knopfdruck Pfötchen gab

IoT Shifts Conference, Barcelona, October 19-20

The IoT Shifts Conference is a new two-day event, organised by TFA member Rudy de Waele, in partnership with Claro Partners, bringing innovators from the startup, digital and developer communities together with the corporate world, to create and advance business opportunities within the Internet of Things (IoT), and explore

What’s the next big thing in Artificial Intelligence?

Ever heard about Evolutionary Algorithms? The next big thing in AI according Babak Hodjat, co-founder and chief scientist of Sentient Technologies. Like ANNs, Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) are techniques inspired by models of biological intelligence, applied to real-world problem solving. In the case of EAs, the approach is