Interview and Podcast with Rudy De Waele on The Future of Work

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Rudy-de-Waele-onlineThese days, everyone’s talking about digital transformation. It seems that everything that can be digitised is being digitised – this affects the workplace too. But what are the main technical trends that really matter? And what have HR professionals and executives got to do with it?

Interview with TFA speaker Rudy De Waele, Digital Transformation Strategist and keynote of the upcoming HRM Expo | Zukunft Personal, who helps company managers to stay ahead of the competition in a time of digital change. Over the past 18 years, he has been coaching CXOs on digital transformation and open innovation strategies and has also mentored many start-ups. His book “shift 2020 – How Technology Will Impact Our Future” provides a valuable insight into how emerging technologies such as IOT (Internet of Things), robotics or AI (Artificial Intelligence) will influence our daily lives.

In this interview and podcast of Worklife Hub, Rudy talks about the impact of technology on the workplace and what HR can learn from start-ups.

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(Images by Gerd Leonhard)

Rudy de Waele


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