The Futures Agency CEO Gerd Leonhard in the 2015 WIRED 100

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8Vs47yy1kG15BxTZdq1AtAiNGq2Wn5yIO9xkMCDoWlMWe are thrilled at The Futures Agency as our CEO Gerd Leonhard is listed in the 2015 WIRED 100 index, including the 100 most influential people in technology innovation across Europe.

Here’s what’s WIRED mentions about Gerd:

There are hundreds of consultancies that help corporates understand the challenges of a fast-moving world, but few have a client list like Leonhard’s. From Google to the European Commission, the 54-year-old futurist has the ear of some of the world’s most significant decision makers.

We could not agree more!

Head over to some of Gerd’s most recent slides, topics and videos.

Contact Gerd Leonhard for bookings here.

Rudy de Waele


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