Why Stem Cells May Save Your Life

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Every person is a collection of over 30 trillion human cells. Every one of these cells, those in your brain, lungs, liver, skin, and everywhere else, derives from a single pluripotent type of cell called a stem cell.

Read this article by Peter Diamandis how stem cells are going to change medicine forever, extend life, and potentially save your life in the years ahead.

As humans, we’ve just come to accept the notion that we are going to die. One hundred years ago, we accepted that most people live to age 50 or 60. A decade ago, if you made it to 75 or 80, good for you… Today, if you’re in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s (maybe even 60’s), you have the chance to make it to 100. This decade we will begin to develop the tools to understand how to extend the healthy human lifespan, and stem cells will be one key to help us get there.

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Posted by Rudy de Waele aka @mtrends / shift2020.com


Rudy de Waele


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