Why there aren’t yet nanobot doctors

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Nanobots is one of those “must know” hype words if you’re following technology evolution in the health sector. Scientists have long said that tiny robots would soon be able to conduct surgery and deliver drugs deep inside the body. In this article in The Atlantic, you can find out why they’re still not a reality.

For years, the cutting edge of medicine has promised nanobots. Tiny little machines that could run around your body delivering drugs, checking up on arteries, and generally keeping people healthy. But so far, those machines haven’t quite come to dominate the way some people thought they might. The human body is vastly more complicated than any robot we’ve ever made. So creating a miniscule robot to go inside of it, to work with that vast infrastructure, and to do our bidding, is a huge challenge.

Read all about it in this article in The Atlantic.

Posted by Rudy de Waele / @mtrends / shift2020.com

Rudy de Waele


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