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First Impressions Biznes Trendy Gala and Gerd Leonhard`s Keynote

Here are the first picture impressions from last weeks Biznes Trendy Gala in Warsaw. The Grand Final Gala program involving Gerd Leonhard and Prof. Peter Płoszajski. The meeting was attended by over 130 entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and recognized experts from business, finance and business organizations.

2 great podcasts on Artificial Intelligence

1) a16z Podcast: Artificial Intelligence and the ‘Space of Possible Minds’ “What is A.I. or artificial intelligence but the ‘space of possible minds’, argues Murray Shanahan, scientific advisor on the movie Ex Machina and Professor of Cognitive Robotics at Imperial College London.” In this special

Google Firestarters 18: Mobile UX is Eating the World – Neil Perkins

Neil Perkin`s article about last week’s event: Mobile UX is Eating the World’ Find more posts and details about and from Neil Perkins on his LinkedIn Profile , blog or  website. Neil Perkins is the founder of Only Dead Fish, a digital and media consultancy that specialises in applying strategic

Consumer retail trends 2015 – Keynote Laurent Haug

Video of Laurent Haug’s (Entrepreneur, Observer, Investor, Strategist) NEXT Festival​ talk on the consumer retail trends. You can find the slides on… and below is a text recap of the main points. Online = offline The difference between online and offline is disapearing, turning “ecommerce” into simply

The Consequences of Machine Intelligence

If machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do? Another interesting visionary view by Moshe Y. Vardi (The Atlantic – October 2012) on the consequences of automation, robotisation, artificial intelligence, exponential technologies and digital transformation driven to the extreme: “The

How demographics rule the global economy

The developed world’s workforce will start to decline next year, threatening future global growth. Ever since the global financial crisis, economists have groped for reasons to explain why growth in the U.S. and abroad has repeatedly disappointed, citing everything from fiscal austerity to the euro

Interview with Futurist Glen Hiemstra: The Future of Atlanta

TFA member Glen Hiemstra is interviewed by Susan Hoffman for the Atlanta Regional Commission, as part of the ARC program launch of “50 Forward.” He discusses the future of the Atlanta region and housing, aging and environment. Recorded in late 2007, the interview anticipates today’s issues.