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Futurist Gerd Leonhard interviewed by Magdalena Petryniak, Biznes Trendy

Gerd Leonhard, CEO of The Futures Agency – is a widely-known and top-rated futurist, an influential author, an acclaimed keynote speaker and a strategic advisor. In preparation for his speech on 26th November 2015 in Warsaw, Gerd Leonhard was interviewed by the Executive Director of

A conversation on digital transformation

See more details at Please note: audio-only versions of many videos are being made available here: or on the web at My vimeo channel is here: (you can also download all videos from here). Most of my books, presentations and slideshows are available via

Deep Shift: Technology Tipping Points and Societal Impact (WEF Report)

Link to download the complete report. You can read more about the report here and some of the highlights we mention below. The World Economic Forum‘s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software and Society conducted a survey of 800 executives to fully capture when would these

The Future of Media

Futurist Gerd Leonhard at Media Future Week in Almere, NL Futurist Gerd Leonhard discusses the future of media, content and entertainment at Media Future Week 2011 in Almere see More videos (most of the other presentations) can be found at See… for the PDF

Shift 2020 Brain Food Newsletter (Rudy de Waele)

On request of our CEO, Gerd Leonhard, here’s an excerpt from (yours truly) Rudy de Waele‘s shift 2020 Brain Food newsletter, a must read regular newsletter on the digital transformation topics changing our world in business and society. Rudy’s website can be found at He

2020 Telecom Trends

  This is Gerd Leonhard`s  introductory presentation to the leadership-future-event at the ITU’s yearly Teleworld event which he curated, see… and all the PDFs and further details at… Please note: audio-only versions of many videos are being made available here: or on the web at

Unpacking digital Transformation with Gerd Leonhard

Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Author and Speaker, has a wonderful viewpoint on the future that is grounded in reality: that we are human and will remain human despite all the technological changes that may come. This thinking lead to a great discussion with Kim and I

Artificial Emotional Intelligence

In November, WIRED UK publishes its fourth annual trends report, a standalone magazine in which the magazine’s network of expert writers and influencers predicts what’s coming next. No surprise to us, Artificial Intelligence is mentioned as one of the biggest trends for the coming year. WIRED published a preview

These Technologies Will Shift the Global Balance of Power in the Next 20 Years

Excellent foresight post by Vivek Wadhwa on Singularity HUB on the grand challenges we face the coming decades with more and more exponential technologies taking the highway of change , leaving most governments, businesses, and economists perplex: “Governments, businesses, and economists have all been caught off guard by the geopolitical shifts