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On Wednesday December 16th, I will participate in another Game Changers radio program with host Bonnie D. Graham. She will be joined by 16 guests that will share their predictions for 2016. To prepare for the show, I pulled together my predictions across six broad categories. These predictions are a mixture of leading indicators and hope. Here it goes…

Holistic digital platform

Digital today has a bolt-on feel to it. Dominated by Marketing, the initial focus was channel oriented, isolated in nature, and layered on top of that which existed. It expanded to support a narrow customer experience and efficiency agenda. I say narrow, because digital is primarily applied to existing process, as opposed to leveraged to re-imagine process. As the main digital forces converge (Social, Mobil, Big Data, Analytics, and Cloud), a platform emerges to enable re-imagination. Yet Digital to date remains isolated on two levels: within company silos and across the main forces.

My prediction for 2016 is that isolation gives way to platform thinking. I’m seeing signs that the lines between business and digital strategy have blurred. The Breadth of digital is therefore expanding , and a holistic digital platform view is emerging. Time is of the essence, as right on the heels of this digital platform are a series of innovation accelerators that converge with the platform. These accelerators (Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, etc.) are game changers, accelerating at a pace far greater than we experienced with the digital foundation. As such, this shift to platform thinking must occur, and 2016 is shaping up to be the year of the shift, embracing a holistic vision that addresses the three pillars of digital transformation as depicted in the visual above.

Customer experience broadens

Efforts that establish customer experience as the main source of differentiation are expanding; but it’s an elusive moving target. The organizational challenges that hinder optimal experiences will grow more acute, as a growing list of drivers (see visual below) raise the experience bar. This creates the need for next generation experience strategies and tactics. My prediction for 2016 is a broadening of the experience lens, with a greater focus on the experience enablers that align with the drivers in the visual below. This will represent one leg of a three-legged digital stool, alongside innovation and productivity. This broadening of the experience lens coincides with a broader view of digital strategy, and fuels the move towards organization redesign in 2016.

Next Generation Experiences

This breadth of focus will shine a light on the analytic and collaboration weakness in most organizations. It will underscore the need for an emergent mindset and the use of both foresight and insight. In 2016, we will see a shift from traditional omni-channel initiatives to programs that incorporate many of the experience enablers identified above.

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