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MIT Technology Review asks the Question about Ownership of Robots

From 2015 though, but the post published by MIT Technology Review couldn’t be more timely. Who Will Own the Robots? Two quotes: “A few years ago, Lipson demonstrated an algorithm that explained experimental data by formulating new scientific laws, which were consistent with ones known

Opinion: The Big Lie About Bitcoin (via P2P Foundation)

Economist and technologist David de Ugarte recently published his noteworthy views. Translated from Spanish, the post has been made public on the P2P Foundation blog. “The problem with blockchain is in its design: dependence on mining, an industrial activity based on the availability of infrastructure, puts

Computing in the Future (via The Economist)

The Economist published an interesting article recently in its Leaders, headed: “The era of predictable improvement in computer hardware is ending. What comes next?” Quotes: “A modern Intel Skylake processor contains around 1.75 billion transistors—half a million of them would fit on a single transistor