Interview with Gerd Leonhard: Podcast on the Future of Humans and Technology

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gl_suboptic2016Here is a Podcast Interview with Gerd, recently done with Oscar Santolalla for Time to Shine Podcasts. Santolalla refers to “November 2014, (when) Gerd spoke at TEDx Brussels, in front of 2000 people. In this talk, titled “Digital ethics and the future of humans in a connected world,” Gerd challenged people to pay attention to the ethical consequences of technology, as today there are some people adoring and being obsessed with technology. Gerd often says that technology is “HellVen” (hell and heaven).”

The post further cites Leonhard: “How technology has changed the way we communicate each other. Communication has become cheap, fast and ubiquitous. Now the problem is that there is too much of it. For some people, offline is becoming a luxury. The real art of communication is communicating with the right people, at the right time, using the right channels, and focusing on what matters.

Click here to stream podcast (33:33m), and to view post on Time to Shine

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